Did You Know There is More Than One Way to Sell Your Uniondale Home?

People's Real Estate Consulting Corp. provides real estate services to sellers that don’t want to be plagued with the inconveniences and costs of selling their Uniondale home the old fashioned way. We can help you by buying your home directly for a great cash price!

IS95aguishg9ui1000000000At People's Real Estate Consulting Corp., we believe “how you do one thing is how you do everything,” and we believe in doing things right every time. Our passion is helping homeowners who have found themselves stuck with a burdensome property. We want to alleviate you from the burdens and headaches associated with high taxes and excessive repairs. We will make you an offer despite the size, price or current condition! We will purchase commercial, residential and commercial properties!

Has your property become a burden? Or do you need to sell for personal reasons such as divorce, work relocation, upside down on your mortgage or facing foreclosure? Whatever situation you are in, we can help you now!

We want to help the community of Uniondale and its’ residents. Our mission is to help homeowners who have found themselves stuck with a property they no longer want. Meanwhile, we are able to beautify and restore homes that are in need of repair.

Before you choose to list your property with a realtor, get our NO-OBLIGATION offer! We have a strict no-hassle policy and will respect your decision whether or not to sell! We just want the opportunity to make you aware of all options available to you!

Working With An Agent Isn’t The Best Option For Everyone! photo1

Some people have great luck and their house sells quickly. For many others, it takes several months for their house to sell. All the while they could be stuck paying 2 mortgages, taxes, insurances and utilities all for a home they no longer want. These costs really add up! If you tack on the realtor’s fees, commissions and closing costs, you are looking at a pretty big number!

We will never charge you a dime in commission fees or ask you to repair anything! We want to buy your house exactly as it is now, you don’t even have to clean up! We will take care of everything from repairs to setting up the closing and drafting up the paperwork.

One of our seller’s most popular benefits to selling direct, is the ability for them to decide upon the closing date. We want YOU to do what is right for YOU, and that includes selling your house on your terms. If you need to close fast, we can be ready in about 7 days. If need to keep your home longer, that is ok too!

Do You Want To Sell A Uniondale Home For A Great Price?

Great News: We Are Buying Houses Right Now in Uniondale!

We buy houses in cash, so you don’t have to wait on the banks for financing and deal with all the red tape. Our process is fast, simple and can be done in as little as 7 days! When you agree to sell to us, you decide on the closing date. We want to help you and make everything go smoothly. We charge you zero fees or commissions, putting more cash in your pocket!

We would love to make you a fair, no-obligation offer on your home. Call us now and get an offer within 72 hours. There is never any hassle or obligation.

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