Are You Looking to Sell a Huntington Station Home?

Before You Call A Realtor, Let Us Present You With An Alternative (and Simpler) Solution!

IS95aguishg9ui1000000000Do you own a home that has become a burden? We can help. Our goal is to help Huntington Station residents find real estate solutions that work for them. Right now we are buying properties throughout New York, with an emphasis on the Huntington Station area. 

People's Real Estate Consulting Corp. takes pride in how we do business. We want to treat all of our property sellers with respect and integrity throughout the entire process. We will make the process fast, simple and stress-free.

Do you own a distressed property that is in need of repair? We want to buy your property as-is and help you alleviate the stress from a house that has become a burden. Whether you own a single family, multi-family or even a commercial property, we would like to make you an offer now! Selling through an agent will cost you time and money. We keep things simple and pay you in cash in as little as 7 days.

People's Real Estate Consulting Corp. is a local real estate investment firm. We take pride in our community and we strive to beautify and repair properties we buy. We want to help local homeowners out of tough situations by buying their unwanted homes.

photo1Do You Have A Property in Huntington Station You Need To Sell Now?

We have helped homeowners in all sorts of situations. If you need to move fast for a job, we can help. If you need to sell because of divorce, we can help. If you are paying more in maintenance than the property is worth, we can help. Divorce, liens, repairs, bad inheritance, tired of playing landlord… whatever your situation, we want to make you a cash offer today! Call us now, and within 72 hours we will give you an all-cash offer for you Huntington Station home! You have nothing to lose, all of our offers are zero-obligation and there is never any hassle, the choice is up to you! We want you to know all of your options before you commit to an agent!
  • You won’t have to spend money or repairs and upgrades
  • You won’t spend the next few months keeping your house spotless for showings
  • You won’t have to come up with commission costs, agent and closing fees
  • You won’t have to spend the next 6 months (+/-) waiting and hoping that your home will sell

We make the process as simple as possible. We want our sellers to be happy with their decision and be treated with the respect they deserve. Our ultimate goal is to help members of our community!  Let us share what we can do for you! Get in touch now, and we will give you a great, all-cash offer on your home within 72 hours!

Imagine… One week from now you could be free of a property that is burdening you! 

Do You Want To Sell a Huntington StationHome, Without Wasting Time or Money on Repairs, Fees, and Commissions?

Let us save you money and make the entire process a breeze. We don’t require anything be repaired or even cleaned. We want to buy right now, as-is, in cash. We will close on your terms, in as little as 7 days. We will never charge you any fees or commissions. You will not face repair costs and you will be able to stop paying (taxes, insurance, utilities) for a property you don’t want! Call us now and get an offer within 72 hours!

Before You Call A Realtor, Call Us. Get A Cash Offer Now »