IS95aguishg9ui1000000000Do You Have A Central Islip House You Want to Sell Fast?

People's Real Estate Consulting Corp. Offers Innovative Solutions to Sell Your Home Fast… For A Great Cash Price!

If you want to sell a property (in any condition) fast, we will make you a great, all-cash offer within 72 hours! Because we pay in cash, we can close in 7 days! (Or on any day you choose.)

People's Real Estate Consulting Corp. is a local company and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the market and our desire to help the local community. We want Central Islip residents to love the real estate they own. We want to help people who are stuck with a distressed property, but want to be able to get some decent money for it! We can help you if you have liens against the home, a need to sell because of a divorce, repairs you can’t afford or even if you received an inheritance you weren’t prepared for. Our goal is to help you get happy with your real estate situation!

We buy single family, multi-family, commercial and bank owned properties. Whatever your situation we can help you! If you want to avoid the traditional way of selling and the hassles and costs that come with it… we can help. We can help you save a ton of cash as we do not ever charge any fees or commissions, nor to we insist you make upgrades or repairs to the home before selling!

Our goal is to help the local community. We want to make the neighborhoods beautiful by buying distressed properties and getting them into the hands of someone who will fix them up and restore the property to what it once was. Central Islip is a beautiful place and we want to keep it this way for years to come.

Before You Commit To A Realtor, Get A Cash Offer From Us! Know Your Options Before You Sell Your Central Islip Home! photo1

Working with an agent isn’t for everyone! Listing your home can cost you money in repairs, cleaning, and upgrades. You also will have the uncertainty of not knowing when (or if) your house will sell! Meanwhile, you will be asked to sign a contract binding yourself to an agent, so no matter how the house ends up selling, you will own them about 6%. Also, don’t forget the mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and utilities you will be paying for the home while you are waiting for it to sell. These costs can really add up and once you factor in the time and stress, selling to us directly might be the most lucrative option for you!

We have helped people who were facing divorce, inherited a property they didn’t want, dealing with foreclosure… we have even helped with homes that have liens or that were damaged in fire! Whatever your situation might be… we can help you now!

Stop! If You Need To Sell a Central Islip Home, Get Our Offer Before Working With A Realtor. We May Be Able To SAVE You Money!

We are different than a realtor as with us there are no fees, no repairs needed, and no waiting. We do not need to wait on banks as we are paying cash. We can close in as little as 7 days if you need us to. Call us now and get a fair, no-obligation offer within 72 hours.

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