Why Rent To Own Contracts Can Be GREAT For Investors in New York

If you’re thinking of owning a rent-to-own investment property then you should definitely be thinking about a contract. That’s an absolute must! Here’s why rent to own contracts can be great for investors in New York. Real estate is a major investment, and, every investment needs to have a contract. You should never enter into … Continued

Rent 2 Own Homes in Nassau County – what’s the catch?

In the real estate market today, it is very tempting to follow through on one of those ads in the local paper or on Craigslist that are practically screaming the great deal of rent 2 own homes in Nassau County New York.  This option can be a win-win for both parties, but is it always the … Continued

Local Lease To Own Homes In Nassau County: The Basics

With local lease to own homes in [market-city], both parties have the potential to get what they want out of the deal. The person renting the home gets to live in it while saving for a down payment and cleaning up their credit so they can get a mortgage. And the owner of the home … Continued

Information About Rent to Own Homes In Nassau County

If you need information about rent to own homes in Nassau County New York, look no further. This article will guide you through the process. There generally are two types of people who can benefit from a lease to own (also known as a rent to own) agreement: People who can’t afford a down payment or … Continued

Rent To Own Information To Buy Nassau County Homes With Bad Credit

Buying a home is now becoming harder than ever! Banks are getting more and more strict regarding who they’ll give financing to, and many people (even with pretty good credit) are discovering that they just don’t quality. Even those who do qualify are faced with the daunting task of saving up a considerable down payment … Continued